Igos du Ikana (celaeno) wrote in phoenix_parade,
Igos du Ikana

My videos. Let me show you them.

Trying to conserve my camera's battery, I only got a few clips! They're huge and kind of dark, but I have no video-editing software. So if any of you do & want to make them brighter or not so big, be my guest - this is direct off of my camera. All are in AVI format.

I will need to delete these by June 14, so if anyone wants to save & rehost, please do so - I'm currently exceeding my webspace quota by 35mb, and it gives me until then to bring it back into the allotted amount!

Kambriel's Tea Party Set (6.2MB)

To Die For Designs - _boxinghelena (2MB)

To Die For Designs - alicia_stardust (504 kb - very short!)

Original Sin Designs - trystbat and Korina (6.1 MB)

Kambriel's Dolls Escaped from the Asylum, specifically jola (which I found out today!) since I absolutely loved her dress. Also includes a little bit of the woman who came out after her. (3.9 MB)

Edit, June 14 - I had to take these down because of my webspace quota. I still have the videos if anyone wanted to save them but didn't get around to it, so I'm leaving the descriptions & sizes posted.
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