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How cool is this?!!

My letter: Dear Kind Someday Lounge Person,

I wrote you some time ago about the possibility of obtaining a video of a performance I was in (/virtual_stage/archives/2007/0525). I'm sure the other participants (especially Kambriel, whose brainchild this was!) would be incredibly grateful if it was available for download or on youtube.

Any chance you can help me out? Again, I have to sing (har...I was the singer at the event) your praises, as that event meant so much to so many of us, and agreeing to have it at your wonderful club was a big part of that. We will always think of how much you rock for doing that, and visit whenever we're in Portland.

Thanks a million!

Elyse Reardon

Their response:

Hello! I just asked our tech guy to find and burn a DVD for you. When it's ready, I'll let you know and send it along to you.


I will certainly advise when I have it, and if you want copies, maybe send me $5 for the dvd and S&H.


P.S. On second thought, you could go to my friend's site and donate the $5 there! Save Gobo All my friends know how desperate I am to help Sean out. (How the hell can he look that good when he's so sick?!!) Better yet, if you feel moved, add yourself to his Friends page for $20. As they say, "For every $30 we raise, we can help pay about an hour of Sean's CNA care so he can be at home between treatments.") It'd be awesome to fill up that page with the pretty people who participated in the Phoenix Parade!!!
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