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Giuseppe is King!!

I received my Phoenix Parade dvd today!!!!! Aww....I'm getting so sentimental, watching it!

He wasn't kidding when he said the dvd version wasn't much better than the online version. You can't make out too many details 'cause the camera is a thousand and one feet away, and then there are occasional glitches (like during one of my songs), but it's still lovely to have!! Unfortunately I don't whose designs are whose. Does anyone know what the song is that is primarily gorgeous cello and/or bass, and only toward the mid-end does a marvelous male vocal come in? It's the designer that had those *amazing* asymmetrical cuts that met in front, and on taffeta.

ANYHOW, we're in business!! Let me know if you'd like a dvd! Feel free to leave your addy here, or if you'd prefer, email me at mercifl1 @ gmail dotcom.

If you want it sent Priority, please use the above email to send me five bucks through PayPal. Otherwise, I'll cover the cost, since it'll be minimal.

Perhaps you all might be willing to check out my jewelry website, once we get it up and running? I'm gonna call it The Elysian Aspect.

So YAY for the Phoenix Parade dvd!!!! Goodness, I'd love to do something like that again -- so much love and beauty in the room!! (What are you laughing about?? There was!!!)

P.S. I'm trying to get the video up on myspace, but I'm not sure it's possible or if you can download from there. (I have to convert the file to another format and I also don't know the time/size constraints. I'm working on it, but I'm still more than happy to get dvds out to you either way.
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